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Brendon Sing

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Brendon Sing
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Shark Guardian is an organisation focusing on shark education and conservation, made up of Brendon and Sing and his wife Elizabeth Ward-Sing. Brendon found sharks interesting from a young age whilst living in South Africa. It did not take long for him to build up a great passion for these incredible creatures that have been on the planet for more than 400 million years. When Brendon became a PADI Instructor around the same time as studying sharks in 1998, he brought the two 2 things he loved together. He wrote the PADI Shark Awareness Specialty course and taught divers more about sharks and diving with them, but also more importantly, about shark conservation. Instead of continuing to study sharks on a scientific level, he decided he could reach more people and have a greater effect through diving for shark conservation.

Shark Guardian is an organization 13 years in the making. An organization with the main goal of shark conservation through education seminars and presentations encouraging action and motivating people to get involved. Brendon founded Shark Guardian to use as a tool to educate children at international and local schools, dive centers and holiday resorts around the world about the dwindling shark populations in the oceans. Now with Liz they are focusing on educating in the countries where shark fin soup and shark products are consumed most. Through a number of presentations to suit all ages, backgrounds, nationalities and cultures, we make it clear that sharks are vitally important for the health and ecological balance of our oceans.

We must save our sharks and protect our oceans, to save ourselves. Shark Guardian has been invited to several National Environmental Conferences, International Schools, resorts and learning institutes around the world. And we will keep it going! Since the start of February 2013 Brendon and Liz have been focusing on Shark Guardian full time. Please visit for more information and recent Shark Guardian events.

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