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Chantal Boccaccio

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Marine & Animal Rescuers, Advocates and Allies! We're reaching out for your help with an important documentary whose goal is to spread public awareness about the plight of sharks.   
Our film, SHARK WHISPERER, focuses on the work of Cristina Zenato, a world renowned diver and shark behaviorist based in the Bahamas. For 17 years, Cristina has studied sharks in their natural environment, engaging with them on a personal level. Cristina is able to lull a shark into a natural paralysis, which allows her to tend to injured sharks and engage in rescues that might otherwise be too dangerous. You'll be blown away when you witness a 10 foot shark standing upright in the palm of Cristina's hand! 
We are currently raising funds for our documentary through Kickstarter crowd funding. Please go to this link to learn more about our project and help us by passing this on to anyone whom you think can assist us. We have excellent rewards for our Financial Angels - including the opportunity to swim with Cristina and her sharks in the Bahamas! Any help is greatly appreciated! Together, we can make a difference! ♥
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