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Mark Stephenson

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Mark Stephenson
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I am marred to Robbin Stephenson other wise known as my dive buddy partner in underwater fun and adventure. I started my quest to the sea back when Sea Hunt was in black and white and Jacque Cousteau just made color TV. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was a sub I wanted to be on and I found out that I could swim if pushed into the deep end!!LOL I started diving in 1980 and have been doing it to this day. My wife and I enjoy diving with friends and putting Mermaid4Life on the map. An education and conservation organization we are trying to reach out and educate those who wish to learn about our oceans and why we need to save them and out environment. We travel a lot to dive and enjoy the oceans of the world. When we are home we open up our house to friends for diving off the southern coast of Florida, after which we toast with a glass of champagne and an Hawaiian style BBQ. As for me I have been luck to dive over a good portion of this world, spending 18 years in Hawaii while serving in the Navy, going to places like the Marshall Islands, Kwajalein Atolls, Midway, Japan and Australia. I have been lucky to have met great friends along the way and we welcome all to join us for some fun and eats. Robbin and I both work in the aviation industry and enjoy the fact the our budget allows us to afford Nitrox, boats trips and even some new gear from time to time. I have been a Padi Dive Master for some 12 years now and enjoy introducing land lovers to our world under the sea by giving Discover Scuba Classes with the help of some of the local dive ships like Force E, Stuart Scuba and the South Florida Hammer Heads. So if your in our neck of the woods or just want to say hi please drop in at and give us a shout our ocean is your ocean.

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