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Siv Hartvigsen

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Siv Hartvigsen
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My Name is Siv and I'm an avid Scuba Diver with PADI (AI) with a great passion for our oceans.

My real day to day work is a real eastate broker, but when I don't work, I'm pretty much under water...

People always ask, what is the fuzz about this with scuba diving??  = well, People  ( including me)  scuba because it's fun, very relaxing,  it's like taking a walk in a beautiful forest, except it's under water.. and you get to excersise without noticing and you meet great people from all corners in thee world..

Going back to that " walk in the Forest" well, we all want to have that forest clean and free from rubbish... which unfortunatly is no ut the case... so having educated my self more within PADI, got more exprience as a diver, I've learned the sad truth of all the rubbish that we find in our ocean.  More than once I have I seen marine life being de-tangled in debris and have been injured or died as a cause of it.. which is really upsetting.. I have also seen turtles desected with their throats full of plastic!!  

I'm also an avid underwater photographer, ( not pro) but I like to study marine life and their behaviour - all in all I love our oceans, and I'm facinated of all the living creatures we have in it, and it's our responsiblity to protect it. 

I try to campaign for debris /plastic  and awareness for our oceans as much as I can, conservation for our sharks and I attend and arrange clean-ups and coral planting.


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