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Greg Snail

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Greg Snail
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Most people don't anything about sharks...
Most scientists still don't know much about them...

There is one thing we do know though: sharks are the reason the oceans and seas are healthy.
The same oceans and seas that produce the 2/3 third of the very air you're breathing right now...

They are one of the most important, vital and necessary life form on the planet and yet, they are mass-disappearing faster than any other species...

WHY ???!!!!

Because people don't know anything about them...
Because we fear what we don't know...
Because we kill what we fear...

Beyond the tragedy of eventually not being able to admire such incredible animals, sharks' extinction is a global threat that needs to be addressed ASAP.

"Amazement is the first step to respect"

Learn about them !
Gaze at them !
Save them !
Save yourself...

The following documentary will change your world ! PLEASE WATCH IT (available for free on YouTube!!!)

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