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Sonny Tasidjawa

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Sonny Tasidjawa
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Name                                      : Sonny Tasidjawa

Permanent Address                : Perum Polgiriya permai Blok J no. 5 Manado

                                                  Jl. Raya Politeknik Manado

Place/DOB                              : Bitung, 22 August 1977

Gender                                    : Pria

Citizenship/Nationality           : Indonesia

Email                                       :

Phone                                      : +628125406742 (mobile)

                                                  +0431-815104 (home)



Summary of Qualifications

  1. Experienced in leading Facilitate effective management of MPA Network in North Sulawesi Ecoragion
  2. Experienced in leading the effectiveness evaluation of 6 location of marine sanctuary at North Sulawesi
  3. Experienced in leading the program of environmental education at Bunaken National park area in order to reduce the affect of destructive fish catch toward the fisherman children
  4. Experienced in leading development of ecotourism community based at Bahoi village and has resulted national marine award of Adibhakti mina bahari.
  5. Experienced in leading the planning, budgeting and implementation process of regular multi stakeholders team (government, scientific communities, law enforcement) for bio-physics and reef check surveys, resource use monitoring and surveillance-patrol of 1,27 million hectares of Berau Marine Conservation Area as monitoring officer from Berau Joint Marine Program (TNC-WWF).
  6. Experienced in leading multi stakeholders team to regularly analyses Landsat Spatial Data for Berau Marine Conservation Area.
  7. Experienced in leading multi-stakeholders team to regularly implement data analysis and data interpretation obtained from monitoring trip, reef check, and biophysics trip.
  8. Experienced Leading multi-stakeholders (VVIP, scientific, media) field trips to Berau Marine Conservation Areas.
  9. Having three years experiences helping facilitate and directory ecotourism  unit and homestay at Derawan Island also Maratua Island  at East Kalimantan 
  10. Four years senior management level as Field Manager for Northern, Southern and Central area of Bunaken National Marine Park for Bunaken National Marine Park Management Board.
  11. Experienced in leading and managing a team of 20+ staff and coordination with multilateral and multinational stakeholders in senior management level for Bunaken National Marine Park.
  12. Experienced in designing Scientific Marine Maps and Sketch on Scientific Geographical Scale
  13. Experience in mapping, making database, manage and interpretation those data at FORPPELA
  14. Three years experiences carried out survey for effectiveness of national park together with ms. Nancy dahl Tacconi in NOAA project..
  15. Experience in developing and advocating ecotourism unit, handycraft and homestay at Bahoi for two years at North Sulawesi
  16. Experiences carry our evaluation of DPL effectiveness of North Sulawesi.
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