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Tan Tian Kai

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Tan Tian Kai
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4.54 billion years ago until now, earth gives us the unlimited natural resources without going against the natural law. Air, water, soil, lumbers, and even foods all have becoming the most important elements that human being can't live without. Ocean, the mother of the nature which has breeding thousands of beautiful and great underwater creatures, but, overfishing, oil spilling, marine debris caused by humans' greedy and selfishness are destroying them year by year, even day by day.

As a scuba diver, I dived and exprienced the greatness and the wonderful of the underwater world. All I can do to preserve this wonderland is to stop humans' greediness and this is why I'm here. I'm really appreciate and saluted to all the divers who showing their courages, willingness, commitment, and even their lives to protect the ocean and because of you I can see there is a hope for the marine lifes. Let's work hard together to fight for better and clean underwater world and my name is KAI.

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