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Thomas Soldan

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Thomas Soldan
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  The law that punishes anyone who is proven guilty of any crime also protects the one who’s charged with a criminal case. A civilian faced with a criminal charge has the rights to protect himself by having someone in his defense to speak in court to prove his innocence. The Defense lawyer’s ability to convince the jury will dictate whether or not the one accused will be convicted. With this, the skills and the experience of the defense lawyer matters in and out of court. It is their duty to speak in his client’s defense and to make sure that his client will get a fair trial he deserves.    Being charged with a crime doesn't mean instant conviction. A civilian shouldn't bear the social stigma of being a criminal and a felony just for being accused of a crime. There are several reasons that a person may be charged of a crime, such as mistaken identity, false accusations or the person just may not have any other choice but to make such actions. Criminal lawyers play an important part in the justice system in such a way that they can greatly affect the outcome of a case.  It is their job to defend a civilian’s Constitutional rights and making sure to get you a fair trial.      Thomas Soldan is a credible Criminal Lawyer now rendering his services to one of the most competitive and well acclaimed law firm in Virginia, Price Benowitz LLP. As a criminal lawyer, he is committed to defending his client’s rights according to the law. His history in the field includes a J.D. in University of Georgia which he gained after graduating from Lafayette College. His field mostly deals with cases such as Reckless Driving, DUI and others. His name can also be found in the covers of the book "Right-Sizing:" Customizing Corporate Compliance to the Small Corporation, he had co authored. His site , showcases more relevant facts about him and his work.    
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