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Ricky Cobban

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Ricky Cobban
AZ, United States of America (the)
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Thunderbeard Outdoor Restoration Organization is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) environmental volunteer outfit based in the American West.  We are a passionate team of outdoor enthusiasts who vigorously protect the places we love to visit.  Our projects include research missions and cleanup events that aim to restore the areas we target to pristine natural condition, as if the next person to arrive was the first person there.  We pride ourselves first and foremost on our ability to access deep wilderness over difficult terrain.  The relationships we have developed include experts in whitewater navigation, deep water diving, slot canyon abseiling, overland offroad navigation, and global logistics.  Thunderbeard knows that the hardest places to reach on this planet are in many cases the most fragile, rare, and important, and we aim to defend them.  

Analysis. Access. Action.

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