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Tom Phijffer

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From an early age, I was fascinated by underwater life. This is mainly thanks to the TV-series of diving pioneer Jacques-Yves Cousteau. But there was also the series with Flipper the dolphin ! When I turned eight, my father gave me a small divers watch. That was 1973. 

Fast forward a few decades - in 1999 I find myself in tropical waters. My wife Kathleen introduced me to diving. Nowadays I am a passionate sports diver [ PADI AOW ].

I have been lucky to be able to dive in different parts of the world and observe marine life, coral reefs and its inhabitants. With an analog Sea and Sea UW-photocamera, I like to keep track of my visits to the ocean.

 The small watch with the Pontiac clockwork is still in my possession. It was meant to be.


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