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valentina valoroso

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valentina valoroso
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I've been scuba diving for two years now, I love it!! Sofar I've been to Egypt, Cuba, the Philippines and Italy. I'm a deep diver, but I have other specialties as well such as oxygen provider, underwater navigator, Enriched-Air Nitrox, DUP, etc..

I wanna be a divemaster in 2 years, but I have to finish studying first, 'cos I'm currently living in Austria and I'm enrolled in a two-year Master Programme. I'm majoring in the Translation of Technical Texts (especially medical and law texts) in Innsbruck. I'm italian mothertongue, fluent in German and English. I speak French pretty well. I'm currently taking Portuguese, but I'm still a beginner. My fields of interest are medicines, especially diving medicine, law, sports and nutrition (I've been in a swimming team for almost two years), culture, travelling, history, anthropology, psychology, literature, and of course languages.

I'll be graduated in about one year, my dissertation will be on diving medicine. In fact I want to work as a translator in that field, but the translation of diving books interests me as well.  

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