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WIm Breeman

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I am a PADI Master Instructor and most of the time working as a flight nurse practitioner on the traumahelikopter in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Besides that I am the Regional Training Coordinator for DAN (Divers Alert Network) in the Netherlands.

I came in contact with a lot of Sea Shepherd people and saw the movie "The Cove". It is a horrifying movie and since that time I realized that I did by far not enough to protect the creatures in the sea where I am in for so many years.

Please support Sea Shepherd and the Cove Guardians: Tehre is SO much wrong in this world on so many places: Dolphin slaughter in Japan, Whale slaughter in Japan and the Farao Islands: terrible practices! So please help me stop those actions and cruelty's!

Call the Japanese Embassy in your country and ask them to stop killing Dolphins and Whales. It's the only chance they have and it is the only chance WE have for saving the oceans!

Look at the Video's, Cry and call!

Thanks for your help!

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