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William Flack

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I am a native of the Pacific Northwest region of North America, specifically, Washington, State.

My inspiration to become a scuba diver came from three sources: 1. My mentor and high school biology teacher, El Milburn; 2. my Son Robert, who preceded me in the sport by nearly five years, and; 3. My instructors and cherished friends, Bob and Kelley Scarzafava of Anacortes Diving and Supply in Anacortes, Washington.

At age 58 I became inspired to immerse (literally) myself in the world of scuba adventure and travel, this supplementing a life-long love of the ocean and biology in general (my college minor).


Now at nearly 70 years of age, I am retired a portion of each year and am privileged to reside in the fascinating and beautiful country of Thailand. It is my desire to become engaged in constructive, underwater volunteer efforts on behalf of Thailand's marine resource, a major contributor to their economy. This is one way I can repay Thailand for the privilege of being allowed part-time residency in this beautiful venue that is the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand.

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