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In 2009, the Zavora Marine Lab was established to promote and facilitate research and conservation in southern Mozambique. Our lab has since its inception developed vital research for the region and raised environmental awareness through educational programs with local communities and visitors.  

Zavora is one of the few places in the world where both species of Manta Rays (Manta birostris and Manta alfredi) can be seen all year around. The sub-tropical reefs are stunning and the diversity of life is impressive. In Zavora, diving tourism still in its infancy and very little is known about Zavora Marine Life. Zavora offers the unique opportunity to study a marine environment that had little to no impact from recreational diving activities and where there remains much reef yet to be explored. Moreover, because Zavora still quite wild and remote our research can be effectively applied to avoid destructive development.

We are currently developing projects involving Manta Ray populations, divers’ impacts on Manta Rays and cleaning stations used by Manta Rays, diversity and distribution of opisthobranchs (nudibranchs and sea slugs), reef monitoring, socio-economic studies on dive tourism and the relative population abundance of migratory Humpback Whales.

If you are coming to Zavora we invite you to attend one of our weekly presentations on Zavora’s marine life. 

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