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AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty Course & Shark Dive

Put on by the Mid-Missouri Sheriff's Dive Team & Scuba Adventure in Jefferson City
Jefferson City, United States

38.5707068, -92.1794328

Sharks are crucial to marine ecosystems. They maintain a balance in populations of prey species and keep the ocean healthy by removing ill or diseased animals. They are an important resource supporting local economies through fishing and as an attraction to dive tourists.

But sharks are in a global decline. Over fishing has reduced many shark populations around the world to levels that threaten their continued existence. Shark numbers have fallen by more than 80% in many cases, and the continued existence of some species is at immediate risk in some regions. European sharks are particularly in danger with around one third of the species threatened with extinction, one of the highest levels in the world.

There are many actions needed to address these issues. Shark fisheries management is of primary importance, but trade restrictions and monitoring are also important. The AWARE Shark Conservation Diver course will contribute towards the conservation of sharks by building awareness of the issues and inspiring students to speak up and act to protect sharks.

The AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty is done in two segments:

1) Classroom Presentation and Knowledge Development

This segment involves classroom presentation on the local Sharks of South Florida, Shark Conservation and how we can help, and a shark diving briefing – safety procedures and protocol for diving with large sharks.

2) Two Open Water Dives with Sharks in Jupiter, Florida

This segment involves two dives with sharks in Jupiter, Florida on Friday April 12. We will offer optional dives on April 13.

***This trip includes 4 dives, lunch on the boat, and nitrox tanks rental. Additional rental gear can be provided at an additional fee.

During the AWARE Shark Conservation course you will encounter sharks like you have never before. The sharks of Jupiter are used to divers, and may bump you or swim within inches of you or your camera. This is a very safe dive, but does not involve a cage or any barrier between you and the sharks. Shark species that may be seen on the dive include: Tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks, bull sharks, lemon sharks, nurse sharks, dusky sharks, sandbar sharks, silky sharks, and of course the Goliath Grouper who live on the wrecks.

Our aim is to replace fear of sharks with knowledge and admiration. If the sharks die, the seas die. So join our team as we try to spread shark conservation through knowledge and experience with our amazing and beautiful sharks.

The AWARE Shark Conservation course and two days of diving (4 tanks total) with Nitrox for only costs $249.00.

If you only want to go on the dives with us and not receive certification or participate In the classroom the cost is only $175.00.

Before starting the AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty class, the student will need to be Advanced Open Water Certified and Nitrox Certified – as these are requirements for the shark dive.

Although not required, we highly recommend that all divers have DAN diving insurance, especially for this advanced dive. The cost is very low and benefits high. We can enroll you during the class.

Additional materials that you will need:
Dive Computer (available for rent, but having your own is highly recommended)
SMB (surface marker)
BLACK gloves

*** White or Yellow colors are not allowed on the dive. This includes white wetsuits, tanks, rash guards or fins.

Only 6 out of 20 spots remaining.

$100.00 Deposit Required to hold your spot so sign up soon before we are full.

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