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Gold Coast Seaway, Monthly Maintenance Dive / End of Year Shindig - December 15th 2018

EnvironMENTAL Divers
Gold Coast, Australia

-27.936864542184, 153.42553138733

Join Environmental Divers for our regular social Monthly Maintenance Dives at the Gold Coast Seaway. Help us take out the trash and get up close and personal with the fish life of the Gold Coast Seaway at the same time. We always try to make the most of the tides and get in a double dive.

Summer is well and truly here! Time to escape the heat with a tide time of 1.49pm allowing us to truly make the most of our time beneath the waves enjoying a pre Christmas splash while we can!

Meet time for Decembers Monthly Maintenance Dive event is 12pm and we expect to be wrapping up the event at 4pm. This allows for set up, two dives with a surface interval and pack down.

An in depth dive brief for the area will be provided and Environmental Divers will have many divers very familiar with the dive site on hand there who can answer questions and help out anybody who hasn't dived for a while or has never done a clean up dive prior to this event.

You will need to supply ALL of your own dive gear to participate in this event. A bag, gloves and cutting device are absolute must for clean up diving. If you require help sourcing hire dive gear, there are many dive shops located on the Gold Coast that can assist with this. If you need help sourcing dive gear just flick us a message and we can point you in the direction of your closest dive shop.

You will need to register with us on the day. This is required in order to dive with Environmental Divers. You will be required to sign a standard “Dive Against Debris” liability form. Also, please remember your Dive Certification Card as we also need to take note of your details.

We like to have a lot of fun, a good laugh, some fantastic diving with a feel good vibe and often enjoy a good debrief post dive at the local Railway Hotel in Southport. We will definitely be doing this after this dive as this is our last monthly maintenance mission of the year and we have some celebrating to do!

If you have any questions just ask, we are always happy to help.

We hope to see you beneath the waves soon!

Note: This is a social clean up dive. As Environmental Divers promote safe diving we will provide a surface watch, and first aid emergency equipment. However, you are responsible for your own diving. We'll help you find a dive buddy on the day if you don't have one.

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