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Pt1 Local Stream Cleanup 2018

diver cleaning underwater
Jersey Shore, United States

41.166018884631, -77.293496131897

Rich here from Sunken Treasure.
As usual we are looking for as many volunteers as possible for the 2018 cleanups. We'll need people on shore, in the water, photographers, boaters/boats and even a couple of people to collect data.  These clean-ups are open to divers and non-divers alike. However, if you are a LHU student looking for volunteer hours, a dedicated citizen looking to help the community, or just plain interested in volunteering your time then come join us for another River Clean-up! The two upcoming clean-up dates are as follows. The first is on July 21st @ 8:30a.m. and the second is on September 8th @ 8:30a.m. The location of the clean-ups are TBA. These River Clean-ups are intended to beautify the local community as well as stop debris before entering the ocean. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us at: or 570.398.1458. So, lets get out there and catch the debris before it ever gets to the sea! We hope to see you there.
These dates could change as we get closer and we also offer Dive Against Debris certification for those who qualify.

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