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Explore our Marine Debris and Sharks and Rays programs, connect with our community of agents of positive change for the ocean and read or share stories.

Divers Exploring

Project AWARE is a global movement of changemakers taking action for ocean protection. We empower people to be agents of positive change for the ocean scaling local actions locally for global impact. Together, we rally community support, help implement policies to protect the most vulnerable marine species and take action - in and out of the water - to help save the ocean.

Marine Debris

Project AWARE works towards solutions that address the prevention and reduction of marine debris. Whether reporting marine debris data through Dive Against Debris® or advocating for long-term policy change, you can make a difference! Learn more about how Project AWARE works on a local and global scale to stop trash from entering the ocean.

Sharks & Rays

Overfishing, bycatch and finning are threatening shark and ray populations across the globe, with the survival of many species at high risk of extinction. Project AWARE's global movement is taking a stand for sharks. Together, we are creating a powerful, collective voice for grassroots change, securing stronger safeguards for many shark and ray species.


My Ocean is a growing community of conservation leaders. Together, our actions add up to global impact for our ocean planet. We remove debris, we fundraise, we speak out for sharks and rays and we mobilize our local communities fins on and off. Positive change for the ocean starts with you! Take your local conservation actions to a whole new level and connect with other like-minded agents of positive change around the world.


Scuba divers and ocean lovers across the globe are taking a stand for ocean conservation – fins on and off. Through Dive Against Debris® surveys, Finathon® fundraisers and a variety of eco-actions, the power of Project AWARE's global movement creates a global culture that sustains a thriving, vibrant ocean. Project AWARE’s conservation work wouldn’t be possible without the groundswell of support from our community of dedicated agents of positive change. These are their stories.

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#Divers4Makos - Sign the Petition
Help end uncontrolled mako shark fishing now.  Add your name and sign the petition today.