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Find and Report Debris

Check out what citizen scientist divers across the globe are reporting through Dive Against Debris®, report your data or download the resources to conduct your own survey today.

Dive Against Debris Group Survey

Dive Against Debris Map

Explore Project AWARE’s interactive map to discover the types and quantities of marine debris scuba divers around the world have removed and reported from the seafloor through Dive Against Debris®.

As much as 70 percent of marine debris sinks to the seafloor where it may persist for decades - entangling and injuring marine life and damaging critical habitats.

By visualizing this information, we’re revolutionizing the way the underwater marine debris issue is portrayed - sharing an accurate perspective about a threat that has previously been disregarded as out of sight, out of mind.

Want to contribute? Participate in a Dive Against Debris survey.

Report Debris

Your Dive Against Debris data provides critical evidence, essential to drive change and work towards solutions to stop marine debris at the source. By submitting your data online, you’re helping bridge the gap in information regarding the extent of marine debris on the seafloor – helping end the out of sight, out of mind mentality and ensuring the issue remains at the top of the political agenda.

Submit your data from your Dive Against Debris survey, using the online submission form. You can also report your data via your smartphone. Download the free Dive Against Debris app from  Google Play or  iTunes and turn your phone into a tool for conservation. 

In order to maintain data quality and integrity, please:

  • complete one online submission form per Dive Against Debris survey (do not combine data from multiple dives in one individual submission form).

  • ensure only one submission is completed per single Dive Against Debris survey conducted (e.g. if you are leading a group of students taking the Dive Against Debris Specialty, only one submission should be made for your survey dive).

  • ensure you are only reporting data for debris items found and removed from underwater on the seafloor.
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