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Do you know who makes the greatest impact for ocean protection? You do! When you become a fundraiser, you take the future of our ocean into your own hands.

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Fundraise for Ocean Protection

We Support You

We know you love the ocean but what else excites you? Love running? Create a running team and knock your fundraising socks off! Is bowling up your alley? Then get your mind in the gutter and hit a strike for ocean protection! There’s no set formula when it comes to fundraising with Project AWARE – the possibilities are as vast as the ocean.

As ocean lovers, we know that tackling two of the biggest threats facing our ocean – marine debris and over-exploitation of shark and ray species – is a real challenge.  Fundraising is the ultimate way divers support ocean protection – fins on and off. Now more than ever before, divers are taking a stand for conservation.

Together our actions make an impact

Fundraising brings your community together to raise critical funds and awareness for the plight of our ocean and its wildlife.

Your dedication and creativity fuel grassroots action and policy change necessary to ensure a clean, healthy ocean today and in the future.

You are the true ambassador for ocean protection. When you band together with ocean heroes across the globe you help Project AWARE:

  • Share the underwater impacts of pollution through data collection and reporting to influence policy
  • Reduce the amount of pollution in the ocean
  • Save marine life from the detrimental impacts of pollution

Your involvement is critical to success for our ocean. 

Get started today! Download your Fundraising Action Kit and create your personal or team fundraising profile.


Looking to get your hands dirty for ocean protection? We have limited FREE Tough Mudder places to give away, so join us now!

Contact for more information.


Ocean Protection Starts With You


Whatever your passion, the Project AWARE fundraising team is here to support you. We can’t wait to hear from you so if you need some guidance to get started with your fundraiser, contact us and we'll guide you every step, stroke or giant stride of the way!


Fundraisers, please ensure you comply with all applicable local, state, provincial, and federal civil and criminal laws.

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Take Your Dive Against Debris® Actions to the Next Level
We're looking for committed Dive Against Debris® heroes who want to be ocean stewards for their local dive sites.

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My Ocean is a growing community of conservation leaders. Together, our actions add up to global impact for our ocean planet.