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25 Years of Action for the Ocean

Blow out the candles! We’re 25 years strong!

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Like many divers, I have a strong personal affinity for the ocean. For me, that connection originally came from the PADI® system of diver education. As I advanced through diver training during the early years of my scuba career in the 90’s, PADI courses continuously encouraged my environmental awareness and taught me conservation philosophies that emphasise the importance of protecting fragile aquatic ecosystems. Learning to scuba dive and teaching people to dive opened my eyes not only to the beauty and wonders of the ocean but to my responsibility to protect it.

That’s when I dived head and heart into ocean conservation.  I embraced the environmental ethic initiated by PADI in the late 80’s and Project AWARE® became my preferred charity. Today, I’m proud to be part of this remarkable global movement of passionate divers who, like me, share a deep connection with the ocean and take action for its protection. I’m excited to celebrate Project AWARE’s 25th Anniversary - 25 years of action for the ocean,  25 years of protecting marine wildlife and fragile marine habitats through science, education, influence and community action.

Over the past quarter of a century, Project AWARE has amplified the diver voice on the international stage. We’ve brought together a worldwide community battling pressing ocean threats like marine debris and unsustainable fishing. And through partnerships with individuals, governments, NGOs and businesses, we’ve shown long-term commitments to developing solutions to the global marine debris crisis and protecting vulnerable shark and ray species.

The road has been paved with challenges and successes but today, Project AWARE is 25 years strong! Whether, like me, you’ve been with Project AWARE from the early days or are new to our movement, thank you. Supported by your actions and fueled by our deep rooted connection to the ocean, we believe that together the power of our movement can create a global culture that nurtures and sustains a thriving, vibrant ocean.

As we embark on our next wave of ocean protection, discover how you can be an agent of positive change and help build the future we want to see for the ocean.

In 2017, as our 25th Anniversary begins, grab yourself one of our new t-shirt designs and take a trip down memory lane with me and join us in reflecting back on just a few of Project AWARE’s key milestones from the last quarter of a century. These are your victories and Project AWARE is your story.

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