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Conservation and Business

A collaboration to save the ocean planet

Sin City Scuba, NV, USA - Project AWARE - 100% AWARE
Community Actions

From his first breath underwater in 1999, Curtis Snaper gained a deep respect and love for the ocean and freshwater environments. As his encounters with marine debris grew more frequent, he grew compelled to take greater action.

"Our lakes and oceans are natural resources that are often neglected and ignored. Though you don’t see it from above, there’s trash beneath the waves that sits, collects and pollutes the underwater ecosystems that a healthy planet needs to thrive. I’ve seen it all from waterfowl drowning after being entangled in fishing line to broken glass and fishing hooks floating in swimming areas," explains Snaper. 

Sin City Scuba, NV, USA - Project AWARE Community Action

Snaper, Manager at Sin City Scuba in Nevada, USA understands that conservation isn't about talking the talk. He walks the walk as well, inspiring divers of all ages to dive in and take action.

"Our industry is very visible in the sense that people from every walk of life and every profession can become a diver. The environment we operate in allows people to see firsthand the difference our collective efforts make. Hopefully they will be inspired to make changes in their own lives and businesses," adds Snaper.

Sin City Scuba, NV, USA - Project AWARE Community Action

Now a PADI Course Director and 100% AWARE Partner, Snaper conducts regular Dive Against Debris surveys and integrates Dive Against Debris education into every class he teaches. Yet it's his deep rooted connection to conservation values and ocean protection principles that sets Snaper apart.

Snaper explains, "This is where I make my personal stand. Project AWARE cares about what I care about, so by becoming a 100% AWARE Partner my contributions become part of something much bigger and more meaningful than I could hope to accomplish myself."

Sin City Scuba, NV, USA - Project AWARE Community Action

It’s this charity and business collaboration coupled with a big dose of forward thinking that has seen Snaper Adopt A Dive Site and earn the PADI Green Star award. He understands that partnerships for conservation go hand in hand with running a successful business.

Snaper's top three pieces of eco advice?

  1. DITCH THE STRAW and switch to reusable alternatives or simply do without.
  2. Refuse plastic bags at stores, my favorite line when they ask if I'd like one is, "No thanks, I'd like to save a tree, even the plastic trees"
  3. Whats even better than recycling? Not using single use plastics in the first place.


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