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Success for the First Global AWARE Week

The Global Dive Community takes Action for Ocean Protection

AWARE Week Activities
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The first global AWARE Week ran from 15th - 23rd September 2018 and saw the dive community take action for the ocean planet. From Dive Against Debris in Dubai to AWARE Shark Conservation courses in Canada and Project AWARE specialties in New Zealand, divers all around the world equipped themselves with the skills needed for ocean protection.

Project AWARE® and PADI® ’s call to dive professionals and the dive community to lead or take part in an AWARE Week activity was answered in abundance, with over 150 events taking place across the week. As well as the Dive Against Debris® and AWARE Shark Conservation Specialties being run, other community actions included reducing single-use plastic and upcycling workshops, fundraising and coral reef restoration projects.

Beach and underwater cleanups removed hundreds of tons of rubbish from aquatic environments and vital data from Dive Against Debris Surveys was collected to help support the development of solid waste management policies, both locally and globally.

Divers with Project AWARE banner underwater

AWARE Week coincided with the launch of the revised Project AWARE Specialty. The newly updated course provides information and encouragement to help individuals take responsibility for ocean health. Building on Project AWARE’s 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet, the specialty focuses on personal commitments and actions we can all take to help the environment. The revised specialty was run all around the world including in PADI’s three regional headquarters and with the nature of the course focusing on local actions for global impact, it was easily adapted to be relevant to everyone.

The success of AWARE Week is a perfect example of the passion and power ocean adventurers have for marine conservation. The global dive community proved itself a force to be reckoned with, and have shown that combined actions have a huge positive impact on the ocean planet.

Thank you to every single person who took part in AWARE Week. Whether the ocean is your workplace, your classroom or your playground, taking action to look after it benefits not just the underwater world but the whole planet. Let’s make every week an AWARE Week and continue working towards a clean and healthy ocean.

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