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Eco Swim Wear Powering a Movement for Ocean Protection

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PADI Open Water Diver Instructor and Divemaster take on the world’s plastic challenge on a whole new level and launch a brand new Kickstarter in hope to change production and consumerism habits while creating a passionate community set on fighting this pollution tidal wave.

Chelsea and Emma always had a passion for the ocean. Both were starting their dive careers in a PADI Dive Centre in Malaysia when they felt compelled to act after seeing that the plastic consumption around the world was devouring our oceans and lands at an alarming rate.

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They decided to create Ocean Mimic, which is not only a sustainable surf and dive wear company to help ocean lovers all over the world make better choices when it comes to water garment but also an online community aimed at inspiring everyone to take better care of our planet through plastic-free life tips and advice. Originally from England and Wales but based in Bali, the girls organise weekly clean-ups on the beach, inviting locals and tourists alike to help and realise the extent of the problem, often picking up hundreds and hundreds of kilos of trash at the time.

During one clean-up, over 50 volunteers managed to pick up nearly one ton of trash from the beach, proving how needed it is for the island to change the way it interacts with plastic, Emma explains 

However, Chelsea and Emma knew it was not enough. This is why they decided to take their conservation effort one step further with a unique proposition to the consumer. For every ten dollars spent on Ocean Mimic products, they promise to pick up one kilo of trash. Which means that customers are not only getting a product already made of recycled fabric, offering it a second life, but also having a first-hand impact on the world.

And their collection of prints will definitely tempt more than one diver out there beyond the environmental appeal! Each suit and rash vest has been inspired by the marine life! Ranging from orcas to clown triggerfish and an iconic “Trash vest”, marine biology lovers will love becoming one with the underwater world! Just like Jacques Cousteau said: “The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish”


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The girls are currently raising funds to be able to develop their brand further through their Kickstarter campaign all while continuing their clean-ups and daily updates on their Plastic Free Life Facebook group.

The swimwear line is the vehicle to fund the movement. Without it, the movement will lose momentum. The whole purpose is to inspire people to protect the ocean through our ocean inspired prints and patterns, explains Emma, we see the brand as a recognisable uniform for those who join Ocean Mimic.

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Project AWARE is how it all began for us so we are very humbled to be featured this month. We met on a small island in Malaysia and worked for Orca Scuba as dive professionals. Part of our work involved doing monthly Project AWARE clean-up dives. We really looked forward to these dives. Diving and removing nets from the reefs and picking up plastic was not only helping the oceans but strangely relaxing. You kind of get into a flow. These were the first routine cleanups we did and safe to say - we were inspired. This is why we believe in cleanups. If those cleanups we did back then inspired us to build a whole business around the plastic issue then ours have the power to inspire people to do the same and maybe more!! Yes, we clean the beaches but ultimately we want to change people's mindset - "It all starts with you" - Without Project AWARE and without Orca Scuba we wouldn't be running Ocean Mimic. To them, we are truly grateful.

The Kickstarter has been launched on March 5th and you can donate via the following link

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