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Say no to the cutbacks for Australia’s National Network of Marine Sanctuaries.

Hundreds of thousands of you came together to help create Australia’s National Network of Marine Sanctuaries, and together we are defending it. Add your name today!

Save Our Sanctuaries photo by Xanthe Rivett
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In 2012, Australia created the world’s largest network of sanctuaries. Now they are all at risk.

Since 2010, thanks to your ongoing support and action, we've been working as a member of Save Our Marine Life Alliance to secure the world’s largest network of marine sanctuaries across Australian Commonwealth waters. We’ve celebrated the highs and asked for your help during the lows.

Now just two weeks ago, the Australian Government released its draft management plans for Australia’s suspended National Network of Marine Sanctuaries. Unbelievably, the plans completely ignore science, the recommendations of government scientists, and the voice of the public. 

Despite years of science and overwhelming community support, the Australian Government is putting each marine sanctuary we helped secure at risk.

Add your name today to help us say no to the cutbacks.

Devastating cutbacks are proposed for our best-loved marine treasures right around the Australia, opening the door to destructive commercial fishing practices and to oil and gas activities. Lord Howe, Geographe Bay, Perth Canyon, the Great Australian Bight, the Gulf of Carpentaria, the Kimberley, and our Coral Sea – the cradle to the Great Barrier Reef - all face cuts.

The Coral Sea is hardest hit. More than half of this globally significant sanctuary - including some of the world’s most important reefs like Osprey Reef described by David Attenborough as the perfect reef - has been stripped away.

But these plans are not set in stone. They’re asking for your feedback. Add your name today to help us say no to the cutbacks.

If these plans go ahead, Australia will be the first country in the world ever to go backward on marine protection. Our sanctuaries are more important than ever before. Together we can help to stop this.


Photo Courtesy of Xanthe Rivett


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