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Shark Week: It’s a Good Week to Be a Real Shark Fan

Discovery Channel’s week-long series of shark programming returns this July – Are you ready?

Image of great white shark by Terry Goss
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It’s that time of the year again! Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week is almost here. From July 23 to 30, the week-long series of programming dedicated to sharks will once again place shark conversations at an all-time high around the world with its 29th season premiering for the first time in more than 220 countries and territories. Are you ready?

Shark Week’s new video promo, titled “It’s Still a Bad Week to be a Seal”, is once again portraying sharks as bloodthirsty man-eaters but with a twist of humor. Featuring global music sensation Seal, the advert reminds the program fans that no seal (Great White’s favorite prey) is safe during Shark Week, not even Seal himself.

With the way the media has portrayed sharks in the last few decades and continue to do so, many myths and misconceptions persist. But simultaneously, a growing fascination, and curiosity to better understand the crucial role sharks play in the ocean, has flourished. The upside of Shark Week is the overwhelming, focused attention to sharks, and the countless opportunities for channelling that fascination toward broader awareness and conservation action.

While this year’s Shark Week might still be a bad week to be a seal, it’s definitely a good week to be a real shark fan and help support shark conservation. Real shark fans know sharks (and their close relatives) need urgent protections. They also know that for shark conservationists and activists, Shark Week is every week.  

With that in mind, is Shark Week a bad week to be a seal or a good week to be a Shark #Finbassador? You decide.

Image of shark t-shirt Shark Week3 Ways to be a Shark #Finbassador and Get Ready for Shark Week

  • Order your Project AWARE® shark t-shirt or hoodie to show off your support for shark and ray conservation during Shark Week 2017. When you receive it, post a selfie on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #Finbassador and tag @projectaware

  • Image of mask strap Shark WeekMake a donation to support critical shark and ray conservation measures. When you donate 25$ or more, you’ll receive a special limited Silky Shark mask strap as a token of appreciation for your support.

  • Follow @projectaware on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to join the online conversation – Every day we’ll share #SharkWeek facts to help dispel misconceptions about these magnificent creatures. Help us spread the word!

For us at Project AWARE, Shark Week is Every Week

With your support, we’re advocating for policies that safeguard stronger protections for vulnerable sharks and rays for a thriving, vibrant ocean. Here’s your sneak peek into some of our shark conservation work this year as we’re:

  • Encouraging, with The #SharkLeague, Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (RFMOs) of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean to implement existing and secure the adoption of new sound, enforceable measures - complete finning bans and science-based catch limits - to safeguard sharks and rays at upcoming meetings in September, October and November.

  • Advocating new - and highlighting the need for swift implementation of existing - shark conservation measures on the agenda of the 12th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Migratory Species #CMSCoP12 taking place in the Philippines in late October.

  • Bringing much-needed awareness about the State of the Global Market for Shark Products in late fall.

Join in the Shark Week conversation and be a real shark fan or #Finbassador this July, 23-30 -  Support shark and ray conservation year-round with a donation.

Photo copyright Terry Goss

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