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Use Your Phone to Take Action for a Clean Ocean

Reporting marine debris just got easier with the Dive Against Debris® app.

New Project AWARE Dive Against Debris Mobile App
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Marine debris and plastic pollution are a serious problem. All seven sea turtle species, over half marine mammal species and almost two-thirds of all seabird species, have ingested or become entangled in marine debris. In 2016 alone, divers reported 1,624 entangled marine animals during Dive Against Debris® surveys.

But for many people, ocean debris is a problem that’s out-of-sight, out-of-mind compared to what we see along our beaches. Thankfully, divers have the unique ability to bring to the surface what’s going on beneath the waves. Project AWARE and its partners work tirelessly to reverse the tide of marine debris - one of the most persistent and pervasive forms of ocean pollution. But our most important partner - is you.

Divers who remove and report rubbish are part of a global movement to protect the ocean and the creatures who live there. When you Dive Against Debris, the information you share helps reveal the extent of the global marine debris crisis. Without statistics and debris data, Project AWARE along with scientists and conservationists can’t advocate for change.

Citizen Science in the Digital Age

The new Dive Against Debris App: Citizen Science in a Digital AgeThe dive community asked for an easier and more convenient way to report marine debris data, so we developed a Dive Against Debris mobile app for Android and iOS.

  • After the dive, simply report all the debris items removed along with the dive conditions and any photos you’d like to include.

  • The dive site’s latitude and longitude can be easily added using information from your mobile device.

  • If you dive at the same site regularly, the app can copy information from a previous submission.

  • No data connection? No problem. The app will store your data as a draft for you to complete submission once you resume connection.

  • Your data becomes part of a global dataset to help drive long-term change to address the global marine debris crisis.

Project AWARE is committed to using your data to help influence change. Through our Partnerships Against Trash we’re sharing the data you report with organizations and marine debris fora like the Global Ghost Gear Initiative and Trash Free Seas Alliance. We want to establish solutions to help stop marine debris at its source.

By using the Dive Against Debris mobile app to record and report ocean pollution, divers around the world collaborate on a global citizen science project. When we work together, we magnify our impact.

The ocean can’t wait for someone else to save it. Make every dive count by removing underwater debris and reporting what you find.

Turn your phone into a tool for ocean protection by downloading the free Dive Against Debris app from  Google Play or iTunes.

App Store: Dive Against Debris      Google Play: Dive Against Debris App


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