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Project AWARE Supply Chain Goals

We are committed to reaching the following supply chain goals by 2020

Zero single-use plastic 

Project AWARE acknowledges the inherent value in plastics as a durable material to make products – especially for diving equipment. Plastic is an amazing product when used appropriately. The rise of single-use plastic products and packaging without proper collection systems is not an appropriate use of this material. As our Dive Against Debris data has shown, of the top 10 items of trash found in the ocean, 6 are single-use plastic items. Single-use plastic is choking our oceans and must be addressed rapidly. For that reason, we will not buy or distribute any single-use plastic products or packaging in our operations.

All plastic and paper products will be made of recycled content - with 100% being the goal.

We have currently moved our Dive Against Debris bags from 100% virgin PET to 75% recycled PET. We will continue to improve upon this product and others to secure a 100% recycled content merchandise base. Our paper products that are not recycled content will be FSC as a secondary policy approach.

Carbon offsets for travel 

Due to our global team and community footprint, we often need to travel to engage with both internal and external stakeholders. Project AWARE’s staff will offset their carbon for all flights across the organization. We do this through the Seagrass Grow calculator hosted by the Ocean Foundation.

Clothing will be made of organic and/or recycled materials

As of 2018, AWARE is currently purchasing our clothing products from Rapanui Clothing, you can follow the journey of their products here.

We will pursue products made from marine debris

We are proactively identifying strategic partners to close the loop on marine debris removal. By the end of 2020, we have committed to support the AWARE community to reach a total of 2 million pieces of trash removed through the Dive Against Debris program. We will pursue opportunities to ensure those pieces are properly collected with the reuse into AWARE products as the ideal closed loop system.

AWARE will conduct a full Life Cycle Assessment of our supply chain and operations

 We will determine our products’ viability based on a full LCA, including adhering to ISO 1400 and SDG goals and principles. This will be done on a case by case basis and be displayed transparently next to our products online.

Here is our current set of products we sell online:



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