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ICCAT 2017: Make Time for Makos Infographics

Sharks are among the most vulnerable animals taken in high seas fisheries for tuna and swordfish. In November 2017, Parties of the International Commission for Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) had the opportunity and the scientific basis to take positive steps towards effective shark management in the Atlantic. Project AWARE together with NGO partners called for national and international protections for shortfin mako sharks based on a new scientific assessment that finds the North Atlantic population has been depleted and is continuing to be seriously overfished.

Project AWARE mobilized the dive community through #Divers4Makos, an online petition campaign collecting over 11K signatures. Together with NGO partners, we urged ICCAT to #MakeTime4Makos. 

Whilst measures for makos adopted by Parties at the 25th Regular Meeting of the Commission fell far short of the fishing limits recommended by scientists, they do represent a decent step to build on.

Our work to tackle bycatch and overfishing continues!

Top Fishing Countries & the New Agreement on North Atlantic Shortfin Makos
ICCAT 2017 & Finning Ban

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