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Adopt A Dive Site™ Digital Tools

Thank you for joining our Adopt A Dive Site™ initiative, pledging to submit Dive Against Debris® data for your adopted dive site every month and becoming one Project AWARE's most dedicated dive leaders.

Here are some digital tools to help you get started:

Web Banner

Use the Adopt A Dive Site™ web banner on your Social Media channels to let others know that you have adopted a dive site and are committed to helping advance ocean conservation using direct citizen science action.

We've joined ADS


Adopt A Dive Site™ icons

Also use these Adopt A Dive Site icons on your Social Media channels and your website.

Colour version  Black & White version

Adopt A Dive Site icon

Social Media Messaging

Download our social media messaging templates to help you share your actions. Use our samples to get you started.

Adopt A Dive Site T-Shirt Artwork

Our Adopt A Dive Site t-shirt is a great way to show off your Adopt A Dive Site support directly to your customers. Download the artwork and print locally. (10MB) Not for resale purposes.

10 Tips Poster

Print your own additional 10 Tips posters to display and promote 10 Tips in all dive briefings and directly to customers.

English  |  Simplified Chinese  Português  |  Nederlands  |  Italiano  |  Deutsch  |  Español  Korean  |  Indonesian  |  Thai  |  Français  |  Russian  |  Arabic

Be sure to take the pledge. Then encourage your friends, family and fellow divers to take the 10 Tips pledge. You can display the  I Took the #10Tips4Divers Pledge  web banner on your website or social media channels.

Ugly Journey of Our Trash Poster

Print your own additional Ugly Journey of Our Trash posters to display.

English  Spanish  French  German  |  Italian  Dutch  Korean  |  Simplified Chinese  Traditional Chinese  Russian

For A4, A3 and A2 poster sizes and a copy of the video visit our Ugly Journey of Our Trash resource page

Dive Against Debris® Survey Guide

A must read for everyone participating in a Dive Against Debris®. The guide contains important information on choosing a survey site, enjoying a safe survey dive, reporting data and sharing your actions.

English  |  Deutsch  |  Español  |  Français  |  Italiano  |  Nederlands  |  Português  |  Korean  |  Simplified Chinese  |  Traditional Chinese  |  Japanese  |  Russian  |  Indonesian  |  Greek  (Volunteer translation)

Marine Debris Identification Guide

Not sure what you’re looking for underwater or wondering how to classify debris items you’ve found on the Data Card? This guide is a visual reference for divers reporting marine debris removed from underwater during Dive Against Debris® surveys. It also contains tips to help you accurately record and report your Dive Against Debris® data.

English  |  Français  |  Español  |  Nederlands  |  Italiano  |  Deutsch  |  Português  |  Simplified Chinese  |  Traditional Chinese  |  Korean  |  Japanese  |  Indonesian  |  Greek  (Volunteer translation)

Dive Against Debris® Data Card

Use the data card before and after your dive to record information about your dive site, your survey and the trash items you found. It will make the online data submission the final but critical step in your Dive Against Debris® - faster and easier.

English  |  Français  |  Español  |  Nederlands  |  Italiano  |  Deutsch  Português  |  Simplified Chinese  |  Traditional Chinese  |  Korean  |  Japanese  Russian  |  Indonesian  |  Greek  (Volunteer translation)


NEW! Submit your data via our new mobile app. Turn your phone into a tool for ocean protection by downloading the free Dive Against Debris app from  Google Play or  iTunes.

My Ocean Badge

We will add an Adopt A Dive Site badge to your My Ocean Profile

My Ocean ADS Badge

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