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Dive Against Debris® Survey Kit - Chinese

潛水員們向來以移除海底垃圾不遺餘力感到自豪,然而,海洋垃圾卻仍持續在堆積中。Project AWARE 針對這樣的情況,推出了打擊海洋垃圾潛水計畫(Dive Against Debris®),這是一項全球性的 調查行動。

新!Dive Against Debris® 應用程式讓回報海洋垃圾更容。從 Google PlayiTunes 下載免費的Dive Against Debris® 應用程式,將您的手機變成海洋保護工具。


Survey Guide

每個參與打擊海洋垃圾潛水計畫(Dive Against Debris)的人皆應詳讀此份調查指引。這份指引提供


行動成果。藉由集結眾人之力,Project AWARE 在捍衛海洋的清潔與健康上扮演著重要的角色。

Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese


Data Card


Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese


Marine Debris Identification Guide

Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese


Dive Against Debris Certificate

Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese


Dive Against Debris Liability Release

Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese


Dive Against Debris®网络研讨会

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New Year Resolution
Make your dives count for a clean ocean. From #OneMillionLess to #NextMillion2020, your marine debris data matters. #EveryDiveaSurveyDive.

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