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ICCAT 2015: Sharks at Risk Infographic

Conservation opportunities for ICCAT 2015: Sharks are among the most vulnerable animals taken in high seas fisheries for tuna and swordfish. ICCAT has led regional fisheries bodies in adoption of shark measures, but has yet to align its finning ban with best practice or agree basic, science-based limits for key shark species.

In November, Parties of the International Commission for Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) had the opportunity and the scientific basis to take positive steps towards effective shark management in the Atlantic. Read the Press Release about ICCAT 2015 outcomes for sharks.

Project AWARE together with NGO partners urged ICCAT to safeguard Sharks At Risk - Read the full article and share the infographic

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30 out of 50 ICCAT Parties Supported a Stronger Shark Finning Ban at ICCAT 2015

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