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100% AWARE Partners Fly Their Flags at ADEX Singapore

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A huge fins up and thank you to our partners for flying the 100% AWARE flag at the Asian Dive Expo (ADEX) in Singapore this weekend: Crystal Divers Bali, Bali Breizh Divers, Dive Zone Lombok, Blue Marlin Komodo, AquaMarine Diving-Bali, Marlin Divers, Blue Corner Dive Lembongan, Scuba Junkie, Sierra Madre, B n J and Suiila Dive Center Taiwan.

Project AWARE’s Program & Outreach Coordinator, Hannah Pragnell-Raasch, attended ADEX and was delighted to catch up with our 100% AWARE Partners who were at the show.

“It was fantastic to chat to our 100% AWARE Partners and thank them in person for their outstanding support. Their regular donation supports the continued removal of devastating underwater debris around the world, securing protection for the world's threatened shark species, and engaging people in conservation efforts globally. We couldn’t do it without them,” said Hannah.

100% AWARE is a Partner Giving Program exclusively for PADI Members. Over two hundred 100% AWARE Partners worldwide are inspiring the next generation of scuba divers and making a generous contribution to protect our ocean planet every month.

“100% AWARE is a great way to remind divers we made a gift to protect the ocean on their behalf. With Project AWARE we’re inspiring conservation through certifications,” said Rohan Perkins, Scuba Junkie.

With so many pressures facing our ocean planet we thank our 100% AWARE Partners for donating much needed funds for conservation. Our dedicated dive centres and instructors across the world place ocean protection at the heart of their business by making a donation to Project AWARE. In turn every new scuba diving student certified receives the Project AWARE Certification Card.

Scuba divers have a unique opportunity to build and lead our movement and you’ve proved the dive community can take action as well as create conversations both online and offline to raise awareness and make change possible. Thank You.

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