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100 Percent Committed to Project AWARE

Community Actions

Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures, PADI 5 Star IDC Diver Training Centre in Sabah, Borneo, has committed to support Project AWARE's environmental conservation efforts by signing up for 500 Project AWARE branded certification cards.

At Downbelow, all student divers who support marine conservation, are receiving a limited edition Project AWARE version of their PADI diver certification card to show off their commitment.

By signing up for 500 Project AWARE branded certification cards, Downbelow contributed AU$5,000 to help protect vulnerable shark species and free the oceans from harmful debris.

The prepayment of the cards to Project AWARE shows that Downbelow believes divers are willing to save the environment that they enjoy so much.

Downbelow' s ongoing commitment to advocate the virtues of Project AWARE and why it's important to give back to our oceans will go a long way in driving measurable change for our ocean planet.

In addition to gaining their new qualifications with a team of dedicated PADI Pros who care for the future of our ocean planet, divers who take their dive courses at Downbelow will get a shiny and stunning Project AWARE branded certification card and feel good knowing that choosing to support Downbelow is choosing to support the environment.

More dive centres around the world are joining this effort and are committed to issuing 100% of their student divers with the new Project AWARE limited edition card.

So learn to dive or continue your diving education with the dive centres who care! Show your support by taking your PADI dive courses with dive centres who support Project AWARE.

Ask your diving instructor for a Limited Edition Project AWARE version of your PADI Certification Card. 100 percent of your donation go towards protecting our ocean planet.

Protect the Ocean Planet - One Diver Certification Card at a Time!

Download a copy of the NEW AWARE Certification Card Commitment Poster.

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