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109 Days of Tropical Island Swimming

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A big congratulations to Scandy Andy who has swum an average of 1km a day for 109 days!

It’s a big week for Andy. When his latest challenge to swim the distance around Koh Samui 84.7 kilometres in less than 30 days was almost complete he upped the distance to 100km!

“I now have more kilometres than days swimming” said Andy. So how did it all start?

A few months ago Andy decided to swim for sharks!  “As an old PADI dive instructor I decided to support Project AWARE and the FINATHON - swimming to end finning. With my own twist of course.”

Andy and the Samui Swim team began their “swims around tropical islands in paradise." After swimming around seven small Thai islands, totalling 10km, it was suggested to Scandy Andy that he should swim around Koh Samui, an impressive 84.7 km swim.

“At first I thought this idea was a little bit over the top as the logistics, safety and time needed to complete this swim would be very difficult to arrange. But the seed was planted and I knew I had found my next challenge. I have given myself a very big challenge, as I am not really a swimmer and have only been swimming for three months,” said Andy.  

Taking into consideration the safety and logistics Andy wisely decided to swim the distance of the island in a swimming pool over 30 days! It’s all great training for ocean swimming.  “Today I did something I never thought possible three months ago. I swam over 5km freestyle. I am very proud to be a part of the Finathon movement and being a shark ambassador,” added Andy.

Project AWARE are really proud to have such amazing Finathon Champions swimming for sharks. Thanks Andy and the Samui Swim team! You can follow their story and sponsor their team here

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