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3 Ways to Love the Ocean this Valentine's Day

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In the spirit of Valentine's Day, Project AWARE was pondering the many ways we love you - the passionate ocean advocate. We're so thrilled to be partners with you in this global movement to protect the ocean. We realize that the ocean loves and provides for us in so many ways too. This year, why not express our love for the ocean on Valentine's Day?

3 Ways to Show Your Love:

Channel your voice and spread the word about loving sharks. Sign and share the shark petition

Plastic gifts don't say "I love you". Consider a romantic dive or walk along the shoreline. And while you're there help protect the ocean planet by removing and logging some marine debris.

Make a donation to show your love or donate in the name of a loved one. Your gift will go a long way - this year and for generations to come. 

Tell us the ways you're loving the ocean this Valentine's Day. Thank you for your undying devotion to protect it!

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