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Act Like the Lorax – Shout for Sharks

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A colleague of ours, Mary Kaye Hester, recently wrote a story for the Undersea Journal, PADI’s professional membership magazine, about the prolific children’s author Dr. Seuss and his cautionary tale of The Lorax – now also a box office smash.

In her article she called on divers to act like the Lorax, before it’s too late. In Seuss’ story you meet brown little bossy creature with the bushy mustache who pops up from the stump of a Truffula Tree. A greedy entrepreneur has discovered the plentiful Truffula Tree and is chopping them down as fast as he can to knit popular consumer garments called Thneeds.

The Lorax, fearing deforestation, battles against this greed and loudly raises a protest. “Mister!” he says. “I speak for the trees. For the trees have no tongues.”

As Project AWARE’s Big Shark Shout Out is just days away – we plead you to act like the Lorax for sharks this April. Divers have some of the greatest opportunities to speak for sharks. For the sharks have no voice.

You can take action for sharks in your own communities and networks – your action kit awaits!

At the end of the famed Dr. Seuss story, the Lorax loses his lonely battle. The Thneed factory takes over and soon, because of greed, all the Truffula Trees are gone. But we can act like the Lorax, stand together and shout for sharks. The ending to the shark story doesn’t have to be the same.

Thank you standing together with us for shark protection!

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