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Act Now! New Australian Marine Reserves at Risk

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Recently, thousands of Project AWARE divers called for new marine reserves in Australia. The Australian Government heard our voice and in June, announced a major new network of marine reserves including the world's second largest marine national park.

This was a major victory for the ocean and its wildlife, and showed the collective power of AWARE divers worldwide.

Now, the new marine reserves are under attack and we could lose them before they are legally protected. Please take a moment to ask the Australian Environment Minister to protect our marine reserves.

Since the marine reserves were announced, groups opposed to ocean protection have worked hard to stop them from passing into law. Despite 90 days of public consultation earlier this year when they could have voiced their concerns - and when you showed your support - they are now working to convince the Australian Government to reduce the new reserves.

We can keep our hard won marine reserves by showing they have broad community support, but we need to give the Minister the power to stand firm.

Please take two easy actions to tell the Minister he has your support:

1. Make a quick submission to protect our marine reserves.
2. Share this page so your friends can also protect our marine reserves.

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