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All About Scuba Annual Awards Night Raises $1,000

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You don’t need to spend months organizing a lavish ball or a big golf tournament to raise funds for your favourite cause. Last week All About Scuba, Victoria, Australia held their Annual Awards Night and raised a fantastic $1,000 in the space of a few hours.

How did they do it?   You guessed it, a raffle!

“We got really close to selling $1,000 worth of tickets on the night!” said Ronald Lelieveld, Managing Director All About Scuba.  “We were $60 dollars short and Darren Kirkbride generously made a donation to help us reach the $1,000 goal.  Everyone was very impressed and lots of cheers filled the room.”

Thanks to everyone who bought a ticket, your donations will help protect sharks from overfishing and stop plastics harming marine animals. 

The traditional raffle is perfect for any size event.  You can include a raffle at the end of your weekly dive, at club meetings or have an ongoing raffle in store.  To make it a success make sure you put some time in to get great prizes donated.  Then just decide on the ticket price and away you go.

All About Scuba sourced some fabulous prizes for their raffle, a big thanks to generous donors Oceanic, Dive Rite, Intova, Alpha, Oceans Enterprises, PADI, Cheeki Bottles, Oz Charters, Creative Prints and TUSA.

Congratulations to the All About Scuba Award Winners, recognized for their outstanding contribution this year.
Gold Regulator Award: Erhan Yondemli
Pro Award: Anthony Trovatello 
Stooge Award: Debbie Azzopardi
Diver of the Season: Pete Nichols

Thinking about holding a raffle? It’s the simplest way to raise much needed funds and add some excitement to your event. There’s different rules about raffles depending on where you live so contact us for ideas and we’ll help you get started


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