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Are You an Earth Day Maptivist?

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Maptivism = maps + activism. Interactive online maps are an excellent way to communicate and engage, often telling a story in a way that words can’t. Maps can do anything from reporting emergencies, documenting event to instantly interpreting complex data. They can even find you the best coffee in town.

“Online mapping is only four or five years old, but it has become so integrated into our lives we often forget how new and innovative it is,” writes Lisa Goldman on

What story is Project AWARE’s online Action Map telling you? We’re hoping it provides a global picture of all the passionate divers taking action around the world and inspires others to join the movement. This Earth Day, 22nd April, make sure your actions and events for ocean protection surface on the Action Map. Or use the map to find an event near you and dive in.

Maps are after all, just a tool. Grassroots work involves getting out in the community, rallying support and for us ocean lovers, getting wet. For many AWARE leaders and event organizers, it’s a way to turn up the volume on what we’re doing for the ocean in local communities. It helps us connect the dots between what we do on the ground and amplify our work for something greater. It also helps us connect to others with the same passion, for the same cause.

This Earth Day, let’s roll out our keyboards, strap on our fins and do both – online action mapping and real world activism. Happy Earth Day everyone!

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