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Aussie Fundraiser Hits the Road!

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The Aussie Fundraising team, an initiative of Alan Nash and Tommy Soderstrom, owners of El Galleon Dive Resort and Asia Divers, Philippines, were just given a royal send-off on their fundraising journey around Australia. Divers from St. George Underwater Centre in south Sydney initiated their journey in the most fitting way they know how - by Diving Against Debris and hosting a BBQ. 

The duo are now circumnavigating Australia on motorbike and raising funds for Project AWARE as well as the Springboard Foundation (caring for children in the Philippines). Along the way they will speak with divers and dive centre owners about both issues of marine debris and children. They will also Dive Against Debris in six locations to gather valuable data on the rubbish that kills thousands of marine animals and seabirds every year. 

Project AWARE’s Dive Against Debris program is the first survey of underwater rubbish and was written just for divers. Data collected by divers will be used by Project AWARE to identify solutions and achieve changes to prevent rubbish from entering the ocean. 

Project AWARE is immensely proud that the Aussie Fundraiser is dedicating their time to raise funds for ocean protection. It demonstrates that divers are truly committed to protecting the marine environment they love. 

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