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Working globally and acting locally has never been so important. If you’re a local ocean hero trying to make a difference in your community or you have a project that needs an extra push – then the Ocean Action Project is for you!

Project AWARE wants to support the best, most innovative community projects from around the world. But not just any project. We’re interested in work focused on two key issue areas: tackling marine debris problems and protecting critical shark and ray species.

Over the years, your grassroots efforts keep us inspired and pushing conservation forward. We know there are no black and white, all-or-nothing solutions to ocean issues. It’s going to take effort at all levels, from the local ocean advocate like you, to the halls of government to make change.

So let’s get started! Can your ocean protection project stand up to the rest? Review the guidelines and submit your application by August 1st. Project AWARE will select the best of the best and let the community vote. We can’t wait to work with you!

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Help us shape #TheNextWave of ocean protection
Tell us what ocean issue is most important to you. For 25 years we've worked together to protect our ocean planet. You can help us shape our next wave of action. Choose your top ocean priority. Vote now.

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