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Calypso Diving Makes All Dives Count for Shark Conservation

Community Actions

As part of the celebration of World Oceans Day 2011, Calypso Diving Resort in the Philippines launched an exciting Shark Protection Donations Programme. Since June 08th 2011, every ocean dive their student divers and customers do, Calypso Diving makes a donation in support of Project AWARE’s shark conservation initiatives. So in short, the more you dive with Calypso Diving the more donations AWARE receives towards giving sharks a fighting chance!

In the first 3 months of Calypso's Shark Protection Donations programme, they raised more than $500. Each dive is taking them closer to their $2000 fundraising target. You can follow Calypso's annual fundraising progress on the sidebar of their blog.

The team at Calypso Divers is not only raising vital funds but is also taking action by collecting shark petition signatures and joining divers around the world demanding that the most vulnerable shark species get the trade protection they desperately need at the next meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) to be held in Thailand in March 2013.

In October of this year, when Project AWARE called on all divers to shout out for sharks, Calypso Diving responded to the call loud and clear. “Signing the Petition and contributing to the Big Shark Shout Out Wall shows leaders internationally that large numbers of people want positive changes to shark policy” commented the team at Calypso Diving.

Project AWARE's Big Shark Shout Out Week was all about voicing concern for diminishing shark populations all over the globe. Sharks are an essential component of marine ecosystems and their removal has devastating and widespread consequences. During this week of action, divers and dive centres took action to protect sharks from finning and over-exploitation.

To show their support to our Big Shark Shout Out campaign, Calypso launched new activities and arranged for extra donations when divers chose to participate in one of their programmes "SCUBA & SNAP" or take the new AWARE Shark Conservation Distinctive Specialty.

Calypso Diving Resort Philippines I Shoute For Sharks, Will You?Other events like the "Sharkwater" showing, the "Shark photo slideshow", and the "How and Why of Sharks" allowed Calypso's guests to learn more about the issues, share their concerns about the plight of sharks and join other shark defenders around the world. Calypso Divers also spread the word with stickers and mugs sporting the "I Shouted for Sharks, Will You?" message.

Calypso Diving Resort is located at the centre of the world-famous White Beach on Boracay Island in The Philippines. As a PADI 5-Star IDC Centre and National Geographic Dive Centre, the resort has state-of-the-art facilities and offers not only fun dives, diving safaris and PADI scuba diving courses but also AWARE courses, Dive Against Debris activities, ECO programmes and events throughout the year.

On behalf of all of us at Project AWARE, THANK YOU Calypso Divers and guests for shouting out loud for sharks, for your continued support and ongoing fundraising activities!

Join Calypso Divers in taking action to help give sharks a fighting chance and remember “The more you dive, the more they donate”.
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