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Cast Your Vote for the Weirdest Debris Photo

Project AWARE News

Last month, we kicked off the Debris Month of Action with a marine debris photo contest. We asked scuba divers and Dive Against Debris volunteers to photograph the weirdest and wildest trash they found underwater.

Check out the eight contest finalists and cast your vote! Ask your friends and dive buddies to do the same.

You be the judge! Will you choose the porta potty shot? The motorcycle under the sea? The handbag among the nudibranchs? There’s also an underwater piano, steering wheel, stair stepper, recycling station and printer to choose from. You can’t get much weirder than that.

Voting closes on October 15. The grand prize winner will receive an IntovaC9 camera, gear from SCUBAPRO and a PADI eLearning pass for the EANx specialty course. And runners-up will receive a PADI eLearning pass for a Digital Underwater Photography course.

Thank you to each diver who entered the photo contest and shared photos of underwater debris. You’re part of a global movement that’s addressing marine debris problems at their source.

Submit your weird underwater trash photos year-round! Your debris photos help present a compelling 360-degree view of litter in the ocean. They help inform communities and decision makers about the challenges of marine debris. Submit your photos along with your Dive Against Debris data from every dive. Or add them to our Facebook album.

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