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Crystal Dive Resort Eco Projects

Community Spotlights

Crystal Dive Resort is at the forefront of marine conservation and education in Thailand. From mooring buoys installation and Dive Against Debris activities, to coral reef monitoring, artificial reefs and community projects, the team at Crystal Dive is always busy helping to ensure their local marine ecosystems remain healthy and vibrant. 

With extensive involvement in numerous projects with local partners such as Save Koh Tao Group, Crystal Dive Resort works tirelessly to develop and maintain a whole range of eco projects around the small island of Koh Tao all aimed at protecting fragile aquatic environments and supporting the local community. Their Eco Projects Include:

Dive Against Debris Activities:

When Crystal Dive coordinates Dive Against Debris activities, educating people on the devastating impacts of marine debris and providing simple solutions on what people can do to reduce litter entering our oceans is always a big part of their cleanup and data collection efforts. They always try to educate and remind people that it is better to reduce consumption of things like plastic bags & bottles rather than rely on them being recycled.

Artificial Reefs:

In the sprit of developing new dive locations to reduce pressure on already busy dive sites, Koh Tao has recently received a decommissioned Thai Navy Vessel as its latest addition to the growing list of artificial reefs in Koh Tao’s waters.

Crystal Dive hopes that as time passes the wreck will become a premier artificial reef destination for the island. With already many boats visiting the site everyday, the wreck reduces the pressure on Koh Tao’s other sites which helps preserve natural reefs for the benefit of all, divers and marine life.

"Developing artificial reefs is a time consuming and labour intensive job. Especially when the result is far less impressive than what a natural reef can produce" comments the Crystal Dive Team. "Artificial reefs really shows the value of our natural reefs and why we should protect them".

Mooring buoys Installation

Koh Tao is a busy island with more and more boats every year. Installing and maintaining mooring lines for these vessels is one of Crystal Dive most important reef conservation projects. In places like Koh Tao with so many boats visiting the island for snorkelling and diving, mooring lines protect precious reef environments preventing boats from dropping anchors on fragile reef ecosystems.

Volunteers from Eco Koh Tao & Crystal Dive joined with Marine Conservation Koh Tao to help arrange the lines and set them up ready for deployment. It is a big job and requires knowledge of some basic knots and a lot of patience.

These are just a few of the many eco projects supported by Crystal Dive resort. Providing cutting edge education in marine conservation Crystal Dive welcomes all divers to come and learn what makes the marine environment so special and how we can best preserve it.

Big Thumbs Up to Crystal Dive Resort for all their hard work to protect our ocean! For more information please visit their   My Ocean profile.

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