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The Dive Against Debris Self-Study Guide, Written Just for Divers

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Fed up of litter strewn beaches and reefs full of trash? So are we. Think you can make a real difference through your diving? So do we. This is why Project AWARE has created Dive Against Debris, an underwater survey of the rubbish in our ocean.


Divers have a proud history of completing underwater cleanups, removing thousands of tons of rubbish over the years. However despite our best efforts, the rubbish keeps piling up. So Dive Against Debris takes the cleanup to the next level. Use Dive Against Debris to turn your underwater cleanup into a marine survey. The data you collect will drive changes that stop rubbish from entering the ocean.


Before you jump in and Dive Against Debris it's important to first read the self-study guide. The guide tells you about the marine debris problem, how to plan and organise your dive, how to record your finding and report them through the Project AWARE website. Importantly it tells you how to make sure your data is correct, so that it will lead to less rubbish in our oceans and fewer needless marine animal deaths.

Dive Against Debris has been written just for divers, so the self-study guide tells you what you need to know as a diver. Things like how to work with your buddy and how to record your survey time (different from your bottom time). It tells you what to do when you find heavy or sharp objects, what to remove, what to leave behind, and how to report your dive site location.

When you Dive Against Debris you are diving for change. You are gathering data that will inform changes that stop rubbish from entering our ocean. Who knows; maybe one day no diver will need to spend their dive cleaning up the mess of our throwaway society, and through your efforts we can help save some of the marine animals we love so much.

Download the Self-Study Guide today to prep for your first Dive Against Debris.

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