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Fin-Off to Keep Fins On, Instructor Development Philippines 100km Swim

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Our eight youngest Finathon champions aged three to seven swam a Fintastic 1160 metres this week for sharks. They loved creating their shark hats and showing off their diplomas before the school day started. With the kids at school, Instructor Development Philippines kicked off and swam a total collective distance of 100km. Incredible!

“It’s inspiring to see two PADI resorts join forces for conservation to help raise awareness for the plight of sharks. To swim for seven hours in strong currents is a powerful testament to the passion scuba divers have to protect sharks for future generations. Thanks to IDC Philippines who now top the Finathon Team Leaderboard raising $4,405 and counting,” said Joanna McNamara, Project AWARE.

Thirteen swimmers joined the Liquid Dumaguete Team swimming a total of 39km along the Dauin coastline. Three swimmers clocked 5km each. The 19 people strong Atmosphere Dive Team swam to Apo Island and back to the coast, a round trip of 20km in seven hours. Two dive boats followed the swimmers, with four of the Atmosphere Dive Team swimming around 10km each. Despite strong currents and bad weather on the return swim, everyone finished this Finathon smiling.

“It was a great day, we're all very proud of our achievement and thank everyone for their support. Thanks to Aquamundo who donated swim caps, swimming suits, shorts and goggles. They were greatly appreciated for the the swim,” said Zoe Latimer, Liquid Dumaguete. 

“We'd also really like to thank Wordwide Dive and Sail, their luxury live aboard S/Y Philippine Siren was cruising through the Visayas at the time and they came by to cheer us on. Two of their guests jumped in the water to support the swimmers for a short distance,” said Ulrika Kroon, Atmosphere Resorts.

Tip of the Day: Remember Sunscreen: “Some swimmer are feeling a bit worse for wear but mostly due to sunburn and not as much from muscle pain as expected!” added Ulrika.

Special thanks to the youngest Finathon champions so far: The kids of ONE International School Philippines: Chloe Holder 3, Ethan Holder 5, Lilja Kroon Reed 5, Thomas Phillips 5, Miley Feeney 5, JM Feeney 6, Solymar Latimer 6, Kai Latimer 4.

Finathon Champions around the world have clocked up over 200km swimming to end finning. Find out more about hosting Finathon at your local dive club, resort or dive centre.

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