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Finathon Champion Sally Shares a FINtastic Idea to Say Thanks

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Finathon Champion Sally Sonnex is all set to swim for sharks this month. And she’s even found the time to create an extra special ‘Thank you’ for her supporters.

It’s Sally’s personal and creative thank you idea that we love. Sally discovered a beautiful website and took the time to fold origami ‘thank you’ sharks for all her friends and colleagues who made a gift in support of this unique cause.   

Inspired by the generosity and support of her friends Sally upped her fundraising goal from $300 to $1,000. Thank you Sally!  

"I used to be fearful of sharks until I saw a reef shark whilst snorkelling off Malaysia 20 years ago and there began my love of sharks. These creatures are every bit as majestic and awe-inspiring as big cats, elephants and rhinos and they too deserve our protection and respect. Finning is a truly inhumane and disgusting practice and every loop-hole that allows it needs closing. That is why I have joined the Project AWARE campaign and I'm putting my (swimming) fins where my heart is,” said Sally. 

Sally will join the Finathon and swim with RNR Eco Adventures, a PADI Dive Resort in Phuket, Thailand. The months holiday will also give Sally the chance to take part in Dive Against Debris.  A big thanks to all Sally’s supporters including teachers at Tsang Mui Millennium School, Sheung Shui, Hong Kong. Good luck swimming to end finning Sally.

Are you swimming to end finning with Project AWARE?  Remember to thank everyone who swims or donates. Follow these simple steps!

  • Send a personal thank you email to everyone who supports your big challenge 
  • Create origami ‘thankyou sharks’ for those extra special supporters.
  • Say thanks through social media, share a fun photo of your swim.
  • Say thanks to your swimmers with the Certificate of Appreciation in the Action Kit

Thank YOU to all our Finathon swimmers and supporters, you are FINtastic!

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