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Finathon Epic Swim Around Koh Tao, Thailand

Community Spotlights

Master Divers Koh Tao, Thailand have always been FINatical about sharks. They created and produced a super cool Shark Life video for the Big Shark Shout Out in 2012. And  PADI Dive Master Gene Giraudeau successfully swam 23 km around the island of Koh Tao with Master Divers as her support crew in December last year. Way to go!

“I’m sure the idea sounded crazy and if you know Gene you might think that was kind of apt. Yet true to her word with 6 months training behind her she arrived to Koh Tao keen to get it done!” said Ayesha Cantrell of Master Divers.

“23 kms and 9 hours and 16 minutes after starting the swim Gene stepped out onto Sairee Beach, hardly able to lift her arms, with some interesting tan lines and an awesome sense of achievement,” added Ayesha.

This year the Master Divers crew will join the Finathon as a relay team.

“If we raise $3000 USD then on July 28th we will swim in a relay team around Koh Tao. At Master Divers we love the ocean and all its inhabitants and are appalled at the plight of sharks. Sharks have disappeared at an alarming rate from Koh Tao’s waters and we relish the opportunity to get involved and help ensure that sharks are around for the next generation of divers."

Good luck Ayesha, Wilco and Gene. AWARE Divers are cheering you on around the world.

Check out the Master Divers Finathon Page or Create Your Own Today!

Please note: only expericenced swimmers should attempt long distance swims. If you'd like to take part in the Finathon check out these events where swimmers choose between 400m and 3km!

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