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Finathon Fancy Dress Swim for Sharks

Community Spotlights

You can’t get more FINatical than swimming in fancy dress! Finathon Champion Martine Miller from Queensland, Australia organised a wacky races event for Remote Area Dive on 22 June 2013 at Riverway Pool, Townsville. Thanks to all the swimmers Remote Area Dive rocketed to number 3 on the Finathon team leaderboard this week raising $2,300. THANK YOU!

“When I saw the Finathon I just had to get involved," said Martine. “As an avid diver and a new mum it's important to ensure the survival of theses remarkable animals for future generations. Sharks are so important to the marine environment and extinction is not an option.”

The wacky themed Finathon was a fun day for the whole family to enjoy with prizes for best dressed and most unique way to swim lap as well as a team relay distance. The RAD Crew showcased an array of costumes and swimming techniques. “By making it a fun family day we aimed to show everyone that sharks are worth protecting; sharks aren't the scary monsters they are unfortunately, sometimes perceived to be,” said Martine who swam 1400 metres successfully in a shark suit bought online!

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